October 29, 2012

Stormwall up.... Kind of

Well I have mostly finished putting together the stormwall. Unfortunately I did not notice the major manufacturing defect in the right arm socket. There is a huge bump that stoops the arm from seating properly.

I am going to use my dremmel tool to grind it out. The dremmel can obliterate fine detail that I don't want to get rid of quite easily. I am sure it will be able to get rid of something like this without much problem. The main thing that is holding me back from doing it tonight is the fact that it is resin. And I do not have proper ventilation or a dust mask so I need to stop at the Home Depot on the way home tomorrow and get one.
Other than that set back I like how it turned out for the most part. I had envisioned it smashing a Cryx he'll jack wreck marker but it doesn't have long enough arms to make it look convincing. I guess I will try to work it into the base or many the base of my storm strider that will be finished soon as well.
Anyway here are some of the pictures of the assembly process.

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