January 9, 2013

Painting Siege

Ok all, Markus "Seige" Brisbane is the next project that I have on the painting table. I really enjoy Seige's background fluff and he seems like he will be a bad ass on the table once I get around to using him in some lists.
My plan is to paint him very similar to how I painted Nemo. Orange as the base with tans and browns for the secondary colors. But a big difference is that I want to try to paint some cracks and chips in his armor because he likes to mix it up a lot more than Nemo.
I finished the first coat of orange on his metal armor and once it is dry I will go back over it then I will get his head and then I will get the padding in between his armor pieces. Once I am done with that I plan to pick out the details like the leather pouches that he has all over. I also want to make his hammer glow. I haven't quite gotten that down yet but I figure if I keep practicing I will get it right eventually.
I have a few lists in mind for him but I will be looking over the forums for some ideas before I start using him. I hope that he will b good with the new steamroller rules but I guess we will see how he does.

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