December 27, 2012

Off the battlefield: non wargaming game night

I played games with my family tonight. My older brother and his family were in town and we played the Big Bang theory and poo. The Big Bang theory is similar to trivial pursuit but all of the questions are about the Big Bang theory television show. It was fun but since I am not a super fan I didn't do so well. My 12 year old nephew however knew almost every question that was asked. It was funny when his dad said that the question was too obscure or too hard and he just blurted out the answer as if it were just common knowledge. I really liked playing rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock, whenever someone disagreed with the answer on one of the cards.  Overall it was a fun game.

I brought Poo! it is a very fun game. Each player is a monkey and it involves 'throwing' poo cards at the other players and trying not to get too much poo on yourself in the process. It has different cards that are worth different amounts of poo that you play on the other players and they have cards that will either block the poo entirely or deflect the poo to other players instead or you can play a card that will clean some of the poo off of you.  If you get 15 poo on you you are out of the game.  The last clean monkey wins. we all had fun and my younger brother won that game. This game is fun for a family night game I know that my kids like playing it as well.

Here are some pictures of the two games that we played.  Hope you have fun playing some non tabletop miniature games sometimes as well.


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