January 17, 2013

Washing over primer and the Black 13th

So the next project on my painting table is the Black 13th.  I was originally going to paint all of my Warcasters next but since I use these guys in several of my lists I thought that they deserved to be painted first.  While looking at them it is kind of daunting because they have so much fine detail on them that I really didn't know where to start.  Then I remembered an article written by Tinman XL on his Steam powered TV blog.  He had started to paint a miniature with a lot of detail and he used a wash to help him pick out where the details were just by washing over the primer.  I decided to give this a try, here are the before and after pictures of the primer wash.  I was surprised at how much contrast it added and now I am painting with more confidence that I am painting the right colors in the right places because I can see the details better of what I am painting.  Anyway i just thought that I would pass on this little tip that I tried out and let you know that I think it works well and I will definitely use it for models with lots of detail in the future.
Here are comparison pictures of primer only and after applying a wash.
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