January 16, 2013

Siege finished

Well I finished Markus Siege Brisbane last night. Take a look. I am pretty happy over all with the way that he turned out. I am still leery about trying to put battle damage on him right now though.  I am going to watch a few online tutorials about that before I give it a try.  If it turns out I will put pictures here.  The way that I am going to base him is just your standard sand with a little bit of grass.  Maybe one of the things that I should learn how to do in 2013 should be some advanced basing techniques.  If I do that I will document my frustrations and successes here.
As always comments are always welcome as well as constructive criticisms.  I have never claimed to be good enough to win painting contests, I am just shooting for a good tabletop quality and I enjoy sharing with others in the hopes that you may like them as well.

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