October 14, 2012

Online trading

Several months ago I competed a trade with a total stranger that I met on twitter. He had announced that he wanted to get rid of some Warmachine stuff that he didn't want any more and was looking for dystopian wars stuff. It was a really smooth transaction.
I have recently been told about bartertown.com. Which, in case you don't know is a website for trading table top miniatures with others. I have found that my mileage has varied with each trade. I had some warhammer 40k stuff that I was getting rid of and I received a good offer after about a day. I sent my stuff first because i didn't have any feedback and the other guy had several hundred positive feedback. However I am still waiting for the Warmachine models that he was going to send to me last week. The only other person I have traded with on the site completed the trade quickly. Some other people offered me money for some dystopian wars models and they sent it to my Paypal account before I sent the models to them.

I have found that models that have been glued do not travel well even when they are packed in a lot of packing peanuts. This rhulic warjack was packaged well, lots of styrofoam peanuts but as you can see there will be some reassembly needed. There were also 5 gun bunnies in the box and 3 of them need repair. Oh we'll at least I have been putting models together long enough now that pinning and gluing then will not be a big deal. So far I am fairly pleased with this new Orion that I have to get rid of the games that I will not play and get games that I will play. I hope that I can get rid of the rest of my dystopian wars things but I guess we will see.

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