March 8, 2012

Cygnar Stormwall

OK so I haven't put this one together yet and it won't be available until later this year.  But as a Cygnar player I must say that I am excited for this to come out.  Ever since hearing about the Collosals I decided that the money that I had been saving for the Cygnar Battle Engine was now going to wait for the Stormwall.  From the Privateer press website.

"Perhaps Nemo’s greatest creation, the Stormwall towers over Cygnar’s enemies with all the majesty and menace of a looming cloudburst. From the thunder of its guns to the blinding cracks of arcing electricity from its lightning pods, the Stormwall is the mechanikal embodiment of the tempest. Powered by both steam and surging voltaic energy, it riddles the enemy lines with cannon shells and hails of bullets before smashing survivors with its electrified fists."

I love playing storm army against my opponents mostly because I like the idea of electrical jumps from enemy to enemy and I am glad to see this model following in that tradition.  I really like the fact that this is both electrical and steam powered, my hope is that it will be at home in either a storm army or a more traditional army in the Cygnar lineup.  I am interested to see how the lightning pods work will they have movement or will the be emplaced before the game starts?  It will be interesting to learn strategy for this new type of jack, I think that this will either draw the enemy to it with concentrated attack to take out the biggest cannon on the field.  Or if the enemy is more mobile than the Stormwall they may try to stay out of range and take out the rest of my army.  Just some speculation because I haven't seen the official stats yet.  So basically I have more questions than answers at this point but I am still excited for the prospects of what has the potential to be a great piece in a nice army.

The thing that concerns me with the Collosals is that they will likely cost a lot of points and will only be useable in large battles. If I am going to pay what I am assuming is going to be over $100 for a model I would like to get more use out of it than just occasionally.

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  1. Ok just noticed that the price is listed on the Privateer Press website as $134.99