December 28, 2012

Theory machine musings

Ok I am admittedly a noob when it comes to playing the game of Warmachine. I have played a couple dozen games against almost that many opponents. Tomorrow will be my first tournament of any kind. We will be playing 50 points steamroller 2013 beta pack rules. I have been really tempted to try out new things but a tournament is probably not the place to be figuring out new warcasters. I will probably take Stryker 1 and Nemo 2 because I have the most experience with them. I take Nemo tier so that I can take 5 pow 12 stormsmith stormcallers. They seem to work quite well with a stormwall against infantry heavy armies. I will be using a stormguard unit as my tar pit to stay within the tier.
If I think I am going up against high at our I will take Stryker. In the Stryker list I will use stormwall and a defender in the battle group. A unit of ATGM with UA and a hunter attached. A couple solos like Gorman and Eiryss. I thought about adding Victor Pendrake because my local meta is skewed towards hoards but changed my mind.
I will post the lists that I ended up taking and my record after the event. Wish me luck.


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