June 1, 2013

Take your warjack to work day take 2

This year I would again like to try to get take your Warjack / Warbeast to work day going. Last year was a lot of fun and I think we can have even more fun this year. The general idea is to take one or more fully painted Warjacks or Warbeasts to your place of work.  This could be the office, your work truck, the drive through at mcdonalds, or your break room if your workplace doesn't allow you to bring a Warjack into your normal work area.
The next step is to take a picture or two of your beast or jack interacting with other objects then post these amusing pictures to twitter with the hashtag, #warjackatwork
Be creative and see who can take the funnest pictures and amuse your friends and others. 
This year take your warjack / Warbeast to work day will be on June 21st. So mark your calendar and remind your friends must of all have fun. 

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