June 18, 2012

Take your warjack to work day is June 29th

Most of us have experienced the pride of taking one of our children or a young relative to our work place.  Showing them off to our co-workers, and hearing people say “Oh how cute!” or “So what do you want to be when you grow up?”  Even if you haven’t done this yourself, you probably have seen others bring their young ones in for a visit.
Well warmongers I believe it is time to bring some of our other pride and joys to the work place.  I propose take your warjack to work day.  Just imagine hundreds of people around the world taking their favorite warjack or warbeast to work and taking pictures of them.  How many different work places can we capture these guys in?  Will they be next to your computer monitor, on top of your tool box, on the dashboard of your work truck? 
So on Friday June 29th take your favorite, or your best painted, jack or beast to wherever you call work and take a picture of it in YOUR native environment.  Post pictures on twitter with #takeyourwarjacktoworkday

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