September 30, 2011

Note to self.....

Ok so I was just about finished with the grenadier.  I had painted, highlited, used a wash to make it look like it had been in the trenches with the trencher unit that it would be marshaled to.  Then I left it on my desk to dry over night.  Unfortunately I also left the devlin mud wash out.  I woke up the next morning and discovered that my second son had opened the wash and made an art project out of my nearly finished miniature.  All in all he used about half the pot of wash.  Some areas were so thick that I could see clear ridges of dark brown nearly dry goo.  So after I reminded myself that he is just a kid and I shouldn't have left the stuff out, I went and bought some simple green.  I am going to soak the model for a couple of days and hope that I can strip the paint without too much trouble.  So I will be starting over.  I just wish that I had gotten some pics of the nearly finished model because I thought that it looked great.  Oh well I guess I will chalk this up to a learning experience.
Note to self:  put all painting supplies away on a high shelf in the closet before calling it a night.

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