September 28, 2011

A bit of work on the Grenadier

I had a few minutes so I painted a few parts of my grenadier. I used Reaper Ancient Bronze, GW Necron Abyse for the base coat on the blue.  I realized that I missed some areas where I want pig iron and accidentally painted them blue.  I will repaint these areas with black and then go over them with pig iron to make them look the way that I want.  This was also my first attempt at painting something to look like leather.  I think that the leather ammo pouches look pretty good on the back of him.  Anyway I usually only get a few minutes after I put the kids to bed to paint so my projects usually take a while to finish because they are pretty low on the priority list.  That said I think that this one is going to look really good when it is done.

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